Film Details

Abbie is a short film that combines live action with animation, funded by Metro Screen in association with Screen Australia.

Written and directed by Erin Good. Produced by Taylor Litton-Strain.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Screening for Abbie

On the 23rd of February, Metro Screen will be screening all of the first break funded films from 4pm-6pm at Chavuel Cinema. Come along if you missed out on the cast & crew screening of Abbie - or if you just want to see it again! Erin and I will be there celebrating the completion of all of the 2010 funded first break films & we'd love to see you!

Click here to see Metro Screen's eNews release & a list of the films playing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Abbie Takes to the Skies!

Erin and I have been (not always so successfully) keeping a little secret. However it has become time to reveal that for the next two months if you're planning on traveling anywhere within Australia you can now treat yourself to a screening of "Abbie"!!

"Abbie" will be screening on QANTAS domestic flights throughout February and March in the following time slots:

31 Jan - 4 Feb: PM / 1 - 5pm

14 - 18 Feb: EVE / 5 - 11pm

21 - 25 Feb : PM / 1 - 5pm

28 Feb - 4 March: PM / 1 - 5pm

14 - 18 March: PM / 1 - 5pm

21 - 25 March: EVE / 5 - 11pm

28 Mar - 1 April: EVE / 5 - 11pm

We're both so excited, it's our first public screening of "Abbie" - let us know if you manage to catch it!

To see the full page press release - go to the press page.

- Taylor